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Design Service

Design Custom MANUFACTURED gas springs

Dum Gas vere simplex fabrica est, verum etiam in usu simplex applications potest esse universa vicis perussi. Simpliciorem ipsum salvare temporis processum JUTENG cursus luctus duo modi:

I, si scis quid type et magnitudinem JUTENG Gas vere es interested in, commodo perficere pro Request Quote forma.

2,If you require help in determining the correct size and force for your application. JUTENG offers free computer aided gas spring design services. You could according to gas spring details form Corresponding to the need to provide the parameters and check it with a side-view drawing of the application under below. Please send email to me: jyjuteng@czjuteng.com  


Details applicationem forma, et hoc dicite mihi:

Pondus et Lid (= W libras.)

Aperire Anguli, (o °)

Procul ab Fórum ad End of Lid (In l.)

Distantiae a centro gravitatis ad Fórum (in C =.)

In crassitudine Lid (In.)

Operating ambientium Temperature (℉)

Praeventus in numero reuolutiones, per Minutum

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